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UDA hosts super mega volleyball competitions around University of Eldoret

Yes, this is what we call it boosting the youth's talents from the grassroot level isn't it? Personally I am not a member of UDA but soon I better join them, why? Wait and see!

It was today when the UDA party decided to host the major and mega volleyball competitions around kimumu, sogomo market areas around the University of Eldoret main campus. However, the forerunner of the competition was samora who is also the as the guest of honor.

Why do you think this is necessary to our youths? Is this not another way of luring innocent youths to vote for UDA come 2022 general elections? But personally I disagree, because it is our tradition to host various competitions let it be , athletics, bicycle riding, football, legball and other forms of sports that brings the community together. Therefore, it is fostering our habits once general elections draws near.

UDA is a party that has recently been on the limelight of the Kenyas politics with the owner not yet well known, however, rumors suggests that the party is meant to be used as a vehicle for Dp Ruto to eye the top seat.If the story is true then, he has mobilized many youths not only in Rift Valley but also across the country.

The competition is meant to award those who finish in position one, two and three. The trophies are already available, just waiting the winners.

This is the kind of leadership that we want in our country. Whenever someone organize this kind of competition is something to emulate from not having empty promises to innocent Kenyans. I applaud Hon. Samora Machel for this kind of leadership, sacrifice and commitment towards encouraging talents in our youths.

The following photos shows how the competition is right now and incase any news from the events reaches me, I will be ready to inform you.

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UDA University of Eldoret


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