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7 Mistakes You Make When Brushing Your Teeth

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Mistake 1:Using a toothbrush too long

You should not use one brush for long period of time this is becauseI The bristles will start to spray and will start to become ineffective. So it is always good to buy a new brush.

Mistake 2:Not Brushing Teeth Long Enough

I dont know if you are aware that 2 minutes is the most recommended time for you to brush your teeth according to the Dentists.Always make sure you keep this routine even if it is setting an alarm in your phone.

Mistake 3:Rinsing Out Mouth With Water

Majority of us are not aware that it is wrong to rinse your mouth with water immediately you have done brushing.By doing so you removes the active ingredients found in the toothpaste. It means that You need to allow your to work its magic in your mouth do not rinse immediately. And if you feel like to rinse, then use a mouthwash.

Mistake 5:Not Cleaning Tongue

Have been brushing your tongue after brushing you teeth? Please know that it is good to Invest in your tongue. By brushing your tongue it removes the toxins and bacteria and this prevent bad breath.

Mistake 6: Using Too Hard A Toothbrush

Please it is always good to note that it is not advisable to use too hard a toothbrush because this can destroy your tooth that is ;your enamel. It can also cause gum bleeding.So try usingsoft toothbrush.

Mistake 7:Brushing Technique

This may look funny to many but it is a mistake that many of us make.Did you know that it is wrong to brush your teeth across? The only correct way to brush your teegh is up and down or in circles.

Thank so much for reading. I don't know that mistake that you have been doing.Let us try our best to keep our teeth clean and healthy. Share with friends if you see this information helpful.

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