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Why Most Athletes in Kenya Change Nationality

In recent years most Athletes have changed nationality to other countries allover the world. You will find Kiprotich running for Germany. The you wonder how this happened in the world due the word 'Kip' is a Kalenjin origin.

Most Athletes are not appreciated after giving all for the country. After the event has ended the return home with medals but they are less given attention. They are treated as a common people without any big value. In other countries they are well appreciated taking an example from Uganda were they were given luxurious houses and car after making the country proud at Tokyo.

When athletes retire or get injuries that may lead to end his/her career they are given less attention such as medical and pensions. These two makes other young athletes lose hope and they end up changing nationality to where they can get appreciation.

In the country we lack proper training facilities and poor management system. These also plays a big role in this problem, when an athlete does not get proper management he may feel neglected and he or she may see that he is of no value even if they represent the country at any tournament.

Poor payment also plays a role in changing nationality, they money they are paid for at be not enough to cater their living or support their families. These make an athlete to Look an alternative way to sort his /her bills.

It's high time we appreciate our athletes and make them feel comfortable.

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