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The Story Of A Young Boy Suffering From Cancer Who Asked To Fight Triple H Before He Could Die

There are some things in life that happen which we can't control. One of this things is sickness. There are some diseases which even the doctors themselves can't treat and all they can do is look at the patient haplessly. One such case is the sad story of a seven year old boy, Connor Michalek who had been diagnosed with cancer at a young age.

The infection had become severe and the doctors said he had less than seven days to live. It was a very sad revelation to the parents, family and friends as they could not do nothing to save him. They empathized with him in his last days.

Young Connor was a big fan of WWE despite his young age. To make his last days happy, the parents asked him to request for anything they could do for him. To the amazement of many, Connor said that he wanted to fight Triple H. It was a very hard request for the parents but because they wanted to honor his last days, they did all they could to get him what he wanted.

The WWE organised a fight between Triple H and Connor. All the other WWE fighters attended and watched the match. The match was so emotional and left many crying. Triple H let himself be beaten by the young boy to fulfill his dream. After winning the match, Connor succumbed to the deadly disease a few days later.

The event was so touching that the WWE conducted a fundraising to help support all the kids that were suffering from the same condition. I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Like, share and follow the page for more articles daily.

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