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Top 5 Upcoming Stadiums in Mount Kenya Region

Mount Kenya region is one of the regions in Kenya that has not been involving itself in sports too much one of the reasons being lack of modern sports infrastructure but things are set to change very soon for the government is currently investing heavily in Mount Kenya sports infrastructure such as stadiums.

Here are the top 5 Upcoming stadiums in Mount Kenya region;

1. Kiringiti Stadium

It is located in Kiambu and is set to be completed by mid next year, it will be one of the best stadiums in Kenya.

2. Chuka Stadium

It is located in Meru, not much has been revealed about it yet, it will have a sitting capacity of around 5 000 people.

3. Ruringu Stadium

Despite the fact that the construction of this stadium has been very slow there are hopes that it will be completed very soon.

4. Wanguru Stadium

The stadium recently hosted the Mashujaa day celebrating, it is located in Kirinyaga county, currently works on the pitch are in progress.

5. Kinoru Stadium

The stadium has been under renovation for a very long time now but currently the only remaining work is the upgrade of the pitch to make it safe.

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