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Here is the highlighted Malkia Squad For Tokyo Olympics

Setter Jane Wacu and Captain Mercy Moim will have 20 years of experience with the Kenyan women's volleyball team at the Tokyo Olympics, the duo were selected for the Malkia forwards final on Friday. However, on July 5, before the team left for a three-week training camp in Kurume City, head coach Paul Bitok (Paul Bitok) began laying off staff, so veteran free agent Elizabeth Wanyama (Elizabeth Wanyama) and forward right Violet. Makuto (Violet Makuto) was the biggest victim. A few days after Kenya Pipeline striker Pamela Adhiambo and KCB setter Emmaculate Nekesa were also eliminated, they were both fired. 

"For the technical team, making a decision is a difficult task, but with the help of the Brazilian coach, the use of data and statistics from daily training helped to gain an advantage. "I know this is painful for two players because they are regular players in a 14-person team, but unfortunately, the Olympics do not use 14 players like other FIVB competitions," Bitok said in part of the statement. Moim, Noel Murambi, Pamela Jepkirui and Leanida Kasaya will lead the offense from the left, while Sharon Chepchumba and Emmaculate Chemtai will be the opponents in the 12-man lineup. The central defenders are Edith Mukuvilani, Lorine Chebet and Gladys Ekaru, while Jane Wacu and Joy Luseneka will play setters, while Aggripina Kundu will maintain her free man position. "Warning to continue to do everything possible to maintain their positions, because these two players will continue to train until July 5th before heading to the training camp in Kurume, Japan. 

If they do better than the designated players, the coach will change the players because The deadline for the FIVB is July 5th to showcase 12 players". The final member of the 12 team Left forward mercy Noel Mulambi Pamela Jepkirui Leonidas Casaya Moderate blocker Edith Mucuvilani Lorraine Chebet Gladys Ecaru the opposite Sharon Chepjumba The flawless Chemtai. Setter Jane Waku Joey Lucenaka I release Agripuna Kundu Fallen player Curtain Man Violet Elizabeth Wanyama

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