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"It Is Stupid, It Is Foolish" Erick Omondi Tell Betty Kyalo In A Video Gone Viral

Everything that we do in this world gave it's own consequences and every choice you do still have a consequence that will come up. Whenever you do a thing you must know that in any case there would be an outcome for it. One must be ready for any outcome that may come after making the decision one made.

The boxing that happened between Erick Omondi and Kaligraph Jones left Erick Omondi in a total mess. Erick Omondi was taken to the hospital with the ambulance and at the hospital Betty Kyalo visited him to interview him and asked him what happened. Also Betty wanted to know what wad the aim behind the boxing and if it was really necessary to box with him.

To view the video please click on the following link.

In the response to what Betty had asked him he said that defeat was not on his mind. It was foolish and a stupid move he had made.

Erick said he was sure of winning and he had already dug a grave where he would burry Kaligraph Jones. He added that already he had hired a casket and an ambulance to carry him. This is so unfortunate that the ambulance that he had hired was the one used to carry him, Erick Omondi, to the hospital instead of Kaligraph Jones.

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