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3 Simple Reasons Why Ronaldo Is one Of the Greatest Goal Is In The World.

Being successful in a game of football from your teenage years up to your almost retirement years is not easy at all in a game of football, especially if you have tried more than league. There is no doubt that Ronaldo is the best goal scoring machine in the world of football. What should ring at the backs of our minds is that there are some great factors behind his goal scoring ability.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the factors which has made him success in a game of football.

1. His work out regime

Ronaldo has a great body balance when he behind the ball, because of his great stamina he is able to control the ball well. This always make him a threat when he is around the eighteen yard box. Going to the gym has really increased his shot power and accuracy, giving the goal keeper a hard time to save his shots. He has made it an habit to always go to the gym when he is not training with the team.

2. High appetite for goals.

Christiano Ronaldo has been known for not feeling well when he does not score a goal in a match, that is why he has been known by some of the football fans as a selfish striker, he always like to be given credit in his matches. Ronaldo is not known for giving assist in a match, but when it comes to goal scoring you can confidently count on him. 

3. He uses both legs.

He is one of the fewest footballers in the world who has the ability to score confidently using both of his legs, how he gets the ball is how he shoots, many players who are right or left footed always waste time trying to change the ball to his preferred foot, but not Christiano Ronaldo.

4. High response in the pitch.

This player is a master when it comes to being reactive in the ground, he is always keen and knows how to position himself in dangerous area where he is likely to be in contact with the ball. The way he responds to football touches and shooting is really amazing. 

These factors makes him to be the best goal scoring machine that the has ever existed in the world.

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