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Should Marcus Rashford Leave Manchester United?

Rashford indeed has developed a feeling that he is entitled to priviledges owing to the fact that he has been at Man United for over 15yrs. His attitude this season has been so sick that it's affected and dipped his form real bad. That bad attitude was compounded by his middle finger gesture to fans. The right thing to do is send the guy on loan until January. He returns and his No.10 jersy is already gone. He's dished a 30 something and that's it. This sort of nonsense could certainly not happen during Fergie's era.

If that’s really his attitude then maybe he’s too far up his own arse and part of the reason United are in the mess they’re in. Maybe a change will do him good to remember what it means to play for your place in a team.

Someone with commonsense should take all the Utd youngsters and have a real word with them . How can any of them think they are owed playing time when the effort that's been put in is so lacking. Put in division 1 performances and you will play in division 1. If you want to play at Utd you have to do much more than any of them offered for a couple of years.

It's time he leaves! Fans needs assurance that he has to perform everytime the whole time if he wants to play for Man United! We dont want effort we want results from him. If he cannot guarantee masterful display everytime then he should not even stay. Can he give us that?

The club is lacking ruthless philosophy. If a player doesn't fit in the team get rid of him. Its as simple as you like. Clubs like real Madrid hasn't shown any mercy to their great players. They know how things works.The club should be pleasing fans and seek glory. Favouring individuals players just because they are academic graduates doesn't make any sense. In fact this kind of action will create chaos and calamity inside the club. So it is necessary to be ruthless and do things accordingly.

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