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Unique features of Kalenjin men

Kalenjin men rank among the most successful in the country and when they step into the sports arena,the whole world blow before them.

 One can easily identify them from their accents and even their body shape but there are hidden traits about them that few people know.


Kalenjin men are undoubtedly well-behaved hence their mass recruitment into the disciplined forces. They appear to stick to a certain disciplinary script because of their uniformity. Their civilization and calmness attract most Kenyan women to them.


Conventionally, Kalenjin men are the most gifted in Kenya.They are endowed with sprinting powers in athletics giving them the advantage to win precious awards. 

With their triumph in international champion games, Kenya is known as a superpower in athletics.


Their inability to control themselves when provoked positions them as temperamental. Considering their history as hunters and warriors, Kalenjin men can turn deadly when enraged.


Kalenjin men demand less from life and lead modest lives. They prefer specific clothing that sets them apart culturally. It's because of their minimalistic living that they rank among the most successful Kenyan men.

Family men.

Kalenjin men believe in the strength of raising and keeping a family. They are loyal to their wives and are abreast with parenting responsibilities.

The allegeation by Emmy kosgei ,that is they are not romantic is true because they don't do two things at ago they cocetrate on long term investments and assume one word is enough to a woman.

Once a Kalenjin man marries, he pays the dowry and looks after her wife without straying along the years.

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