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EPL Players who have been coordinating well and if one misses, the other one fails to perform well

Good coordination is something that is uplifted by every team to ensure that players understand each other and know what one is capable of so that when it reaches a time to prove how they coordinate with each other, it becomes so easy for them to display.

The following is a small list of players who have been coordinating well this season in the league but when one of them doesn't feature in the squad, the other player finds it hard to coordinate with the new player:

1. Harry Maguire and Raphael Varane -Manchester United.

Last season Maguire and Lindelof struggled to form a good partnership with each other that always put the team at risk as they were conceding more goals. This season, Harry Maguire Partnership with the Frenchman Varane has been at his best as both players coordinate well when it comes in matters of defensing hence therefore prevent the team from conceding many goals.

2. Mason Mount and Romelu Lukaku - Chelsea

Both Lukaku and Mason Mount display a fantastic match when they play together hence their partnership portrayed to be one of the best in Chelsea's striking. Mount who always seem to be dangerous at footwork always give good balls to Lukaku that ensure him scoring wonderful goals. Without Mount in the squad to supply good balls to the Belgium striker, Lukaku finds it hard to score goals.

3. Bruno Fernandez and Paul Labile Pogba - Manchester United.

Pogba and Bruno have been well coordinating at Manchester United as they display a fantastic match at the midfield that ensure the team emerges victorious in a number of matches that it plays.

4. Ng'olo Kante and Jorginho - Chelsea.

Ng'olo Kante who has been displaying a wonderful game that every fan would like to watch has been coordinating very well with the master class spot shooter Jorginho when feature together in Chelsea squad. They both ensure that the pace of the opponent team is regulated and also ensure that they display a good game that their opponents will find it hard to regulate.

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