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5 Of The Worst Goalkeepers In Premier League History: Opinion

The Premier League is also called the larger open league. Defending often gets poor and the goals are more emphasized. This makes the task of a Premier League goalie all the more important. The club with the stronger keeper has a huge edge.

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Here are the 5 worst goalkeepers in Premier League history:

1. Martin Fulop.

Consistency is one of the most crucial characteristics a target owner can have. His defensemen and teammates must be certain of a competent guardian behind them, and Martin Fulop is not. The Hungarian can rescue dramatically, and his highlights in his career would bring excellent highlights. However, his lowlights would show why in the Premier League he is not the first pick. His worst game was against Arsenal when he allowed three horrendous goals, a fantastic one minute and the next awful.

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2. Tony Warner.

Between 1999 and 2004, Tony Warner played 200 Millwall games in which he appeared strong enough. In 2007 when he joined Fulham, his journey to the Premier League arrived. In two years he played seven games at Craven Cottage, and Fulham fans feel that there were too many seven games. Warner looked at it shaky and dropped Bolton and Middlesbrough on two total howlers.

When recruited by Hull City, he was a 3rd-player to play only once in the League Cup and gave his former side Millwall a goal virtually completely. Warner has not even tried enough to persuade her to be chosen for her 2006 world cup campaign, two times captured by Trinidad and Tobago.

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3. Kostas Chalkias.

He might have played 32 times in Greece, but most Portsmouth supporters marvel, never mind as a premier or an international footballer, how Kostas Chalkias had ever done his career as a professional footballer. In 2005, a year after he won the European Championship as the Greek first-choice goalkeeper, Chalkias joined Portsmouth, it appeared to be a wonderful signature. He just played six Pompey games before the club staff decided to saw enough of them.

Chalkias flapped all of his ways in his debut against fierce competitors Southampton, but Portsmouth lost 2-1. Chalkias showed himself not only to be an awful goalkeeper in his following five games but also to bark insanely. He gave his own goal to Arsenal and Chalkias struck him when his teammate did the same. After hilarious errors and displays of hostility, he was dropped for Jamies Ashdown before transferring to Spain and finally to Greece.

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4. Andy Dibble.

Middlesbrough gave him a second opportunity in the Premier League and Boro granted 11 goals in the two games he participated. This is what the Premier League career of Dibble is all about. In his 24 year career, ending in 2006, he went to Altrincham and Barry Town, illustrating how to decline he has, yet he played 3 times in Wales.

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5. Massimo Taibi.

Perhaps the most famous awful goalkeeper ever in the history of the Premier League. When you play for one of the world's largest clubs, your blunders will constantly be under the microscope, particularly when you are a target owner, when your mistakes generally lead to an objective. The difficult challenge of replacing Peter Schmeichel arrived at Old Trafford in Venice. On his debut, he won the man of the match award but was never at ease. Fergie saw enough and the 'Blind Venetian' was sent packaging after a terrible blunder against Southampton and giving five against Chelsea.

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