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Pep Guardiola's Strange Home Match day Routine: He Doesn't Take Any Meal During A Match Day

Pep Guardiola is actually among the best managers to ever coach the beautiful game of football. The Catalan's prowess in football management is usually seen in success in the clubs he has managed from Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City. In fact, Guardiola's dominance has made the EPL to look like a farmer's league!

Apart from all achievements, honours and tactical obsessions from Pep Guardiola, today I want to talk about something different. I am the first person revealing to you this treasure.. Am pretty sure if you want to be a football manager, you should come up with your own mechanism, this is not just an advise to football managers actually but to all people. We should come up with means to release our stress.

Football management is among the most stressing tasks and Pep Guardiola knows it. He even developed his own shock absorbers to tackle this challenge. Let's dig deep into his home match day routine at the Etihad Stadium.

In the morning at 6am, Pep does not take any breakfast. The Catalan manager just drinks water. The main reason is to make sure he maintains a lot of adrenaline that will be required during and after the match. In deed, his players will take food together with his technical staff but the Catalan won't taste anything. After that, the team will start their training.

Pep always calls his team for the first briefings of the day. This meeting is always aimed to evaluate the opponent's tactics from set-pieces and corner kicks. Pep will train his team on how to stop the opponent and then the entire team will have a break.

At exactly 1.30pm, Pep would call the team for the second meeting. And this one, is aimed at finalizing everything and summing up the day's business including coming up with the team line up which he will reveal to his players. This meeting only lasts for a maximum of ten minutes. After that, the team will break for lunch and still, Pep wouldn't take any bite!

At 3.30pm, the team would meet in absence of their coach, Pep Guardiola who in turn would be in seclusion, away from the team. He will join the team the moment the squad is comming out of the tunnel. At 4pm, the match starts. Pep likes to stay calm during the match as he analyzes his team play and the opponent too.

After the first half, Pep always talked for an average of five minutes highlighting the match and always has a chance to talk to some players individually while giving then instructions. Pep likes to talk to his team after they have calmed down.

At full time, Pep always talks to the media first before anything else. What follows after this, Pep goes to the Manchester City's VIP lounge and takes a glass of champagne to ease his tension and heal some of the day's bruises in case he lost the match or reduce the anxiety if he won. Also, Guardiola takes an appetizer but not a full meal.

Also Pep watches the entire game trying to analyze key moments. At exactly 7.30pm, Pep takes his first meal of the day which is always a double share!

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