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Penalty techniques used by Bruno Fernandes and Jorginho.

Bruno Fernandes and Jorginho were both penalty takers in their respective clubs last season and the role might continue this season, their success in taking penalties is hugely contributed to by their elaborate technique that is almost the same that they apply while taking the penalties. This is the technique well elaborated;

1. They Jump before taking the penalty

This jump is meant to confuse the goalkeeper, they take advantage of the fact that the goalkeeper will be very nervous when facing a penalty and they will take side immediately the penalty takers jumps. When doing this jump, they will focus on where the goalkeeper is diving towards and decide quickly on where to shoot the ball. Bruno Fernandes does this jump fast as compared to how Jorginho does it. This part should be done very keenly because some goalkeepers do not fall to the trap, a good example is when Jorginho's penalty was saved by Ederson in Carabao cup finals, Ederson did not move when Jorginho made the jump and this gave him a perfect chance to spot where Jorginho was going to direct the ball to, he then made a an easy save.

2. Kick the ball to the space left by the goalkeeper.

After making the jump and observing where the goalkeeper dives towards, the penalty takers then kicks the ball to the space left by the goalkeeper. It will be very difficult for the goalkeeper to change the direction of his dive since he is already on motion towards one side leaving a very big space on the other side that the taker can make good use of. If the goalkeeper doesn't move when you make a jump, then they just choose a side a kick the ball with power towards that side.

This technique has helped Bruno to maintain a good penalty record missing only two penalties among the 23 penalties he has taken for Manchester United, Jorginho on the other hand has missed only five out of 39 penalties he has taken for Chelsea.

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