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Football prediction for Tuesday, June 29th


All I can say is, I am stunned.

I expected France to be much more dominant on Monday after doing everything they could to win a difficult group, but they were lethargic and lackluster throughout the first half.

It required a stunning penalty save from Hugo Lloris to keep them from falling behind 2-0, after which they immediately put on the jets and scored three straight goals to grab the lead.

But it appears that this gave them a false sense of security, as they got far too lax defensively after that, and despite having a wonderful game, including a magnificent long-range strike, Paul Pogba's clumsy giveaway in the 90th minute awarded Switzerland the tying goal.

Full credit to Switzerland for seizing opportunities and never giving up in an incredible performance, but as I previously stated, I'm surprised the World Champions would give away a game they lead by two goals in the closing ten minutes due to reckless play.

Today I have come up with this matches in this picture below,

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France Hugo Lloris Switzerland


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