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WWE: To All People Who Say Pro Wrestling Is "Fake"

Is WWE real or fake? Many careers have ended due to wrestling-related injuries. Edge had to retire in 2011 because his neck gave up after years of fake fighting. Paige ended her career early after Sasha Banks broke her neck with a very fake dropkick.

Seth Rollins injured both Finn Balor ad Sting on two separate occasions because he gave each of them a devastating—but still very fakeBucklebombs, forcing Balor to relinquish his newly won Universal Championship and Sting to officially hang his boots.

You’d think that wrestlers can’t possibly injure themselves when they’re just throwing fake punches, right?

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Owen Hart suffered a 78-foot fall from the rafters as he was making his way to the ring at In Your House 1999. He landed chest-first on the top rope, killing him instantly. His death wasn’t part of the act.

Mick Foley inched closer to death every he’s in the ring. He had lost part of his ear during a match with Vader and lost a tooth during a match with the Undertaker. Those dismemberments weren’t written on the script. And just two weeks ago, Roman Reigns announced that he’s having another battle with leukemia.

No wrestler, or anyone on their right mind, could possibly fake having cancer just for the sake of a fake show.

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