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What KTN News Television Have Exposed About Motorcycle Rider Leading to Mixed Reactions

The third wave of the Pandemic of covid 19 which has affected almost all the world including the super power countries in the world included

In our country Kenya the Pandemic had initially flatten but now it has emerge to it's third wave in the rate if infection , leading to the government introducing some of the health guidelines protocols to prevent further spread and Infection of the pandemic.

Among the Protocols and Heath guidelines given out by the government and the ministry of health ,is limitation of the public gatherings , introduction of lockdown and curfew in some of the counties and also there are some rules on the traffic.

On traffic one should not carry excess number of passengers , atleast there should be kind of the social distance , including even the Boda Boda riders .

KTN news have exposed a Boda Boda flouting Covid 19 protocols by carring 5 passengers , including him ,making them total of 6 People on a motorbike.

This has led to mixed reactions among some of kenyans , others taking a television post to be of joke ,others Wondering how can such Boda Boda carry 6 people ?

Content created and supplied by: Jaydenmnono (via Opera News )

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