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5 Top Football Stars Who Were Once Ball Boys (Photos)

Everyone who is at their best started somewhere. This is not an exception of football players.

Some players grew up in humble upbringings while others had the privilege to grow up in financially stable families. Let's look at five top players who started as ball boys.

1. Phil Foden

The Manchester City's sensation has emerged as a top talent both for club and country. Foden saw his interest in football grow up when he was a ball boy.

2. Alvaro Morata

The Spanish top striker is currently playing for Ligue 1 top club, Juventus. Morata started liking football when he was a ball boy at Real Madrid.

3. Presnel Kimpempe

The French center back is currently one of Paris Saint Germaine's key players. Kimpempe was a ball boy before he started playing.

4. Correntin Tolliso

The French midfielder has been perfoming exceptionally well with Bayern Munich. He was a ball boy at Olympique Lyonnais before he started playing football.

5. Brahim Diaz

The player is a living proof of young ball boys who finally became football stars. Diaz is currently playing for AC Milan on loan from Real Madrid. He was once a ball boy at Malaga.

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