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Haji Manara Lands Lucrative Job Worth 14 Times His Previous Job with Football Club Yanga SC

For believers, it is said that when God shuts a door, He opens up another door, and in most cases, a better one. In other words, He does everything for a reason

The phrase has been fulfilled to one Tanzanian man living with albinism after his previous boss fired and humiliated him.

Earlier this month, Tanzania's famous football club Simba SC, fired its communication director, Haji Manara.

The vocal communication director was fired by the club's owner and shown the door a few days after the club had won the league trophy.

His firing sparked mixed reactions among Tanzanians, with some saying he had been dismissed unfairly.

Among those who protested his firing is singer Diamond Platnumz, who said Haji had made many fans love the club courtesy of drama during press briefings.

After Diamond's protest on social media, the owner of the club made another controversial move and unfollowed the singer on Instagram, even though Diamond is a great fan of the club, who even composed a club song dubbed 'Simba'.

Haji now lands a new job

Haji is now the new communication director of Simba SC's principal rival Young Africans FC, commonly known as Yanga FC.

He was unveiled on Monday, and according to sources, his salary has increased by 14 times.

Haji was reportedly earning Tsh700,000 at Simba, but Yanga offered him Tsh9,800,000, which is about Ksh900,000 as per the current exchange rate.

Haji said what he was earning at Simba was not enough, which made him to get side hustles such as being a brand ambassador for drinks companies

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