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Here Is Why Assistant Referees (Linesmen) In Football Use Different Coloured Flags

Ever wondered why assistant referees (linesmen) in football have two different flags, That are used for signalling a foul or an offside. Well today you are on the lucky side as you are to know why this professional referees use different coloured flags in the field.

The assistant referees (linesmen) each hold a flag. They use the flag to indicate various things such as offside, throw ins, corners, goal kicks, substitutions, some fouls and misconduct that has taken place in the game.

Although the name linesman became obsolete in the late 90 due to gender basis and it was changed to assistant referee.

About the flags here are reasons why they have different coloured flags:

In the past, it was used to indicate seniority of the assistant referee. where if the referee was to fail to complete the game, or get injured the assistant referee with the checked flag is to assume the role of referring in the game.

But this distinction was rendered unnecessary in the late 90's, when the 4th official was introduced. The 4th official stands near the halfway line on the technical area side of the pitch and monitors substitutions and the official game clock.

The 4th official is a trained and experienced center referee, and if the center referee was to become incapacitated or otherwise unable to continue the match, the 4th official, and not one of the assistant referees, replaces him. There’s no need to distinguish between the senior or junior assistant referee, and in most competitions, the assistant referees’ flags are identical.

Even though this was changed they still play a crucial role in football to determine several factors in the game.

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