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3 Things Kalenjin Community Value The Most

Every community has what they associate themselves with,Most of the things they love has been taken into consideration meaning generation after generation will catch up with it.

TheKalenjin community is Nilotic group a majority of who live in the former Rift Valley Province. The community is however spread out across the country.

Individuals have been making fun of the community associating them to 'chagets' Jackets and mursik the fermented milk.

Here are 3 things Kalenjin people value;


Livestock to Kalenjin means everything. It means wealth and life. It is through cows that Kalenjin community get their sour milk mursik. Kalenjin comedian Jemutai always makes shows after providing mursik to her audience. This proofs how she values Kalenjin traditions. Mursik is used in most of the traditional events for the community.


Deny a Kalenjin man to attend their cultural activities and count yourself a real enemy. Kalenjin community value their culture so much than anything else. Most of their cultural activities are very secretive especially initiation ceremony . This is a passage of right from childhood to adulthood. Other cultural activities are pre-wedding/wedding ceremonies, traditional burial, to mention but a few.


It's in public domain that World Marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge is a Kalenjin. The community associates themselves more with athletics. It has been their norm. To them, running is a job. Successful Kalenjin runners are mentors to upcoming athletes. They motivate them more to run.

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