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12 Priceless Photos of Athletes in Action That Are Timed to Perfection

In the fast-paced world of sports photography, timing is everything. So, just as athletes push their bodies to the limits to perfect their winning performance, sports photographers go to great lengths to capture that winning mid-action shot.

From moments of disaster and awkwardness to moments of sheer sports perfection and joy, these photographers are there to catch every action-packed moment to the last millisecond. So, check out this impressive collection of the most awkward, hilarious, unexplainable and priceless mid-action snapshots of these athletes we’ve ever seen.

In some method actors, they really try their best to immerse themselves in a role and become the part that they’re playing. But we didn’t think sportsmen had their own version of method acting. In this superbly-timed photo, it really looks like jockey really wanted to become the stallion that he loved so much.

It really looks like this jockey and stallion have become so attached to each other, that they have morphed into the same being! Of course, we know that this might be another case of camera trickery, but we couldn’t help but laugh at this iconic horse snap.

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