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Premier League

The Most Successful Football Clubs in the World

The success of a team can be measured by the number of honours it has won in both domestic and international competitions.Some of these football clubs stand head and shouler above the rest as some of the finest in Europe.They include;.1.Bayern munchen-often referred to as the bavarian giants,it is the best football club in the bundelisga.Has won over 70 titles both domesticaly and internationaly.2.Real madrid-the madrid based club has dominated the spanish laliga and international competitions for long.Has over 50 competitive titles to its name.3.Barcelona-the catalan giants have dominated the spanish Laliga and European football for long.Has 34 league titles and 11 european titles to its name.4.Manchester United-the manchester based club plays in the barclays premier league.Has over 60 titles to its name.5.Liverpool-the mersey based is the second most succesful club in English football.Has over 55 titles to its name.6.Chelsea-one of the most succesful in England and Europe.Has over 30 titles to its name.7.Celtic-the Scotland based club has dominated the scottish league for years on end.Has over 80 titles to its name.8.Benfica-one of the most succesful teams alongside Porto in the portuguese league.Has 81 titles to its name.9.Rangers-Plays in the scottish league and is one of the most succesful clubs in Scotland.Has over 50 titles to its name.

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