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This Is How Tanzania and Somalia May Delay The Reopening of Learning Institutions In Kenya

Learning institutions were closed in mid March to prevent the spread of covid-19 disease in Kenya among learners. Since then number of covid-19 infections has been growing slowly in a single digit. Kenya has various measures to combat covid-19 disease. They ranges from keeping social distance, wearing facial mask among others measures. To ensure there is a social distance, the government has banned public gathering e.g rallies, cinemas football matches as well as restricting open markets.

Tanzanian authority on the other hand appears to take it easy on the covid-19 disease. There has been a steady increase of covid-19 infections in Tanzania. The government of Tanzania has not taken any major measures to combat covid-19 infections. Dar Salam which has high number of infections operates normally. No restrictions in this city, no social distance measures, wearing of facial mask is optional. Testing of covid-19 disease is of small scale hence many infected people don't know if they are infected.

Many Tanzanians are carrying their daily activities without fearing of covid-19 infections. This has led to rise of covid-19 infections along the Kenyan boarders with Tanzania. Counties of Kenya along the boarders are recording high numbers of covid-19 infections. This will delays opening of learning institutions that was planned to resume on mid June.

Somalia country is also recording the highest numbers of covid-19 infections. Somalia is experiencing civil wars since the overdrawn of it's elected president. She have poor health facilities hence very few people are tested for covid-19 infections. Sick Somalians are crossing to Kenya to seek medical care in the Kenyan counties along the boarders. This has led to an increase of covid-19 infections in Kenya. For fearing of covid-19 infections among the Kenyan learners, the government may stop the resumption plans she had.l

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