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Five Most Aggressive Footballer Players who Almost Fight When The Match Is On The Progress

People are born with their different nature, some are humble and have enough stamina to bare anything that come across their way. There are some people who do not know how to control their feelings brought by immediate situations, and they end up becoming so aggressive and pron to fight easily.

The following are footballer who finds it hard to control their feelings, when they meet with their opponent face to face. They almost end up taking a decision to fight their opponent, wherever the issue a rises on the progress of the match.

1. Luiz Suarez

Luiz is a player who is known for biting behavior, due to his rapid aggressiveness during the much. The same behavior three times in his career and he was suspended every time for this.

His first biting behavior ptrayed itself in 2010 in Ajax Jersey, when he bitten the PSV attacker Otman Baikal. The second bite happened in 2013 in the liverpool jersey, when he bite Branislav Ivaniovic. The third one is when he bitten his opponent during World Championship.

2. Gennaro Gattuso

Gannaro is aggressive player who only played by fighting sprit, he was crossing normality boundaries since was causing a fight every time he face his opponent. He is a Millan player and he played as if his life depends on the match at the time and nothing else.

3. Mark Van Bommel

Mark Van Bommel is a player who is characterized by taking away the ball with a open sole on the player or elbow. With overdoing the playing tactic which state that you should focus to the player the ball is easy to take, he was one of the dirtiest mildfeilder player who seriously hurt his opponent.

4. Marco Materazzi

He is known by his nickname pyscho or killer, due to his rough playing style. Marco is a pricked and brutal player, when he starts sliding he start with his193 cm. His most famous incident was during 2006 World Cup, when he provoked Zinedin Zidine and forced to him on his chest.

5. Simone Pepe

He is one of the best Juventus player, is very aggressive among other teammates. Simone is a player who can cause a fight and commotions anytime when the match is in progress. His career is full of fouls that he creat just because of his aggression by his nature.

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