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Tanzania's League defending champions Simba sc leads

Football in Africa mostly Eastern Africa has been nice and enjoyable, to the fans and the team.

In Tanzania there league has been going on despite the the influence of the pandemic. Yesterday the defending champions, Simba sc know as (wekundu wa msimbazi), had to travel away for a match against Gwabina. During the game both teams looked strong until Simba sc opened the doors to score.

Simba went ahead and win the match 1 goal against Gwabina, which helped them to lead the table in the Vodacom Premier League (VPL). Simba sc are leading one point from their revivals Young Africans (YANGA)

As Gwabina was left 12th position with 30 points 28 points away from the leaders. During an interview with the Simba sc spokesman Haji Manara. He said that Simba deserved the three points, because it's a strong team.

There revivals all time Yanga sc, went to the game yesterday ,full of pressure to win against Azam fc. But football never change, you might play well but you end up loosing the points. So surprising that YANGA sc lost 1 - 0 at home.The results has kept Simba sc on top with 58 points and YANGA sc second with 57 points.

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