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Motorsports Contribution to Tourism

Whats your favourite sport?I know its football,rugby or golf.Sportsmen and women earn quite well in sports ,perhaps why do they drive posh cars and live in castles?

If I were to be a sports man I would maybe be Lewis Hamilton or Ott Tanak or maybe Joginder Sighn.Who would you be if you were to be?

Ever since I was a small kid motorsport was my thing ,watching Ian Duncan and his pick up rally in a black and white greatwall Tv wasn't just an experience, it was amazing.Talk of the Top fry Classics this was the first rally I attended and "uweh those 1960 cars moved."

In the recent past we have seen motorsport rise and grow in our country in quite a high pace. Big companies have really come out to sports young drivers in the sports.Safaricom and NTV have been doing quite a thing with this sport hence seeing our young drivers take part in the World Rally.

Wow!If you didn't have a glimpse of the Naivasha Rally the you missed some great fun.Talk of Mc Rae Kimathi,Jeremy Wahome just to name a few these boys did indeed show us dust. Whose taking me to Rhino charge next year ?I want to meet Adil Khawaja of AK47 and my former boss.Motorsport is a tourist attraction hence promote too much of local and international sport. Naivasha will tell you what it reaped from World Rally,these people almost exhausted the fish in Lake Naivasha.

I know you all have a crush on a particular sportsman or sportswoman.I here many girls out here are crushing on The big name on the EPL Haaland,its got to like a them its a motivation too.

Do you that a 6 year olb boy has won the 4×4 Bundus Rover challenge twice ,i thought you should know that.Motorsport should be introduced in CBC.Ooh i didn't tell you that my alltime sportswoman is Maxine Wahome,she drives and i like her performances.

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