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Strangest Sports In The World


This is a combo sport, featuring elements of bicycling, soccer, hockey and basketball. Players bicycle around a small court and try to smack a ball into the goal using the wheels. The competitors must, however, keep their feet off the floor or else the opposing team is awarded a penalty.

Fireball Soccer

Picture a coconut soaked in kerosene and then set on fire. Players welcome the month of Ramadan by coating themselves in salt and inflammable spices and kicking a literal ball of fire with their bare feet. After a month of fasting and prayers, they must train their spirits to make the body impervious to flames.

Chess boxing

The combination of chess and boxing, designed to the ultimate workout for both the body and mind. The competitors have a total of nine minutes of chess, interrupted every three minutes of boxing. You win by either winning the chess match, or the boxing, or decision by the judges.

Toe wrestling

In this sport two barefoot players link their toes on a specially designed platform and attempt to pin the other's foot to the ground in a manner similar to arm wrestling.

Pillow fighting

This is a female game, where women who are proud of their strength and not afraid to let loose battle it out to be a champion.

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