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How VAR Might Affect Arsenal And Chelsea Next Season

Does VAR Contribute To Who Wins EPL?Thomas Tuchel has been bold to claim that they are just unlucky in English premier league. The manager took charge when Chelsea needed his services more than PSG did. Truly speaking, the ligue 1 giants lost gold and went for diamond instead. Chelsea fans are pleased with little success achieved so far this season. Chelsea will be facing Manchester City in champions league final in a couple of day. There are hopes that VAR will not spoil the mood just like it did during FA Cup final against Leicester city.

VAR has been noted to be against some tems without and within the premier league. Lucky are those who enjoy the favours from these video assisted referees.

Arsenal is one of the teams that has been greatly affected by VAR. Believe you me things would be totally different if VAR was not introduced. Don't jumped into conclusions that Arsenal was on poor form even before the introduction of VAR. But rather think about it this way; do you think Arsenal would be in position 10 now if proper officiating was conducted.

I'm not here to defend any team. Liverpool are hoping that things get better in the two remaining matches. However, alway lowering your expectations will do you good especially when you are fighting against the majority. Apparently, this season seems to be a tag of war between some big teams against VAR.

Correct me if necessary, Manchester United got favoured by VAR when the season began. The streets were no longer calm when we were at the peak of the table. But whatever happened in between is unknown and untold. I tend to believe that VAR player their part in ensuring that we maintain to be at the peak of the table. Unfortunately, we failed to maintain the momentum especially when the going kept on becoming tougher than anticipated.Does VAR determine who win EPL? "Yes" should be the answer from you too. With almost all Chelsea and Arsenal fans hopeful that next season will be better, I pity them. The worse is yet to come as the truth keeps on unveiling that VAR really crowns the kings in EPL.

We all have different perspective about this VAR thing. But one thing that I know is that this could be scrapped off if we are allowed to vote against the same. Change is the only permanent thing, and here it is in football now. We cannot undo it moreso now that it has gained ground across Europe. The only thing that should be called for is fair treatment from these unfair officials.

Our cry is that everything gets back to normal. We no longer see it funny trolling Arsenal for poor performance but instead want them to be free to play. It is that very freedom that will make the league as competitive as it were before. Long are gone those day when they hype was evident moreso when Arsenal was playing other big clubs.

if nothing is done, then a repeat of the same mistakes will be seen come next season. As much as Arsenal and Chelsea will try to get to the top, it will be a waste of effort if they are battling their opponents and VAR as well.

In a nutshell, we are disappointed with VAR. They failed to stand the test of time especially when it was initially rumoured that it would negative destroy how 'palatable' football was. I miss those days when the referees' confusion was final!

With all that said, what is your take about VAR?

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