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10 Famous Athletes Who Died On The Field While Playing the Sport

Elements of surprise, breakdowns, controversies and other similar events are part of all types of sports. Tragedies and death are the worst thing to do in sports. Here's a list of 10 well-known athletes who died while the sport on the field.

1. Ed Sanders

Ed Sanders, who won the Olympic Gold Medal in Helsinki Olympics in 1952, has been a well-known American boxer. Two years later in 1954, when he had a serious hit on his head, he died tragically during a boxing battle. Sanders quickly lost consciousness and died 18 hours later in a haemorrhage.

2. Dale Earnhardt

With 76 triumphs, including seven championships, Earnhardt is one of the biggest drivers in NASCAR history. In 2001 he was engaged in an accident when his vehicle spun out and went into the concrete first with his nose at a speed of 150 mph in the final round of Daytona 500.

He then came into collision with a competitor automobile before he fell onto the grass. He was transported to the hospital, where on his arrival he was declared dead.

3. Cheick Tiote

Cheick Tiote was an ivory soccer player who mostly played as a defensive centre. He died on 5 June 2017 as he was practicing for the Beijing Enterprises Chinese club. He died. For almost 7 years, he has been playing for prominent clubs such as Newcastle's leading league team.

He represented and played more than 50 games for the Ivory Coast football team. He was a player of great influence for a national team, and the Prime Minister of his country attended a military burial.

4. Puerta's Antonio

Antonio Puerta was an international Spanish football player, who was the club's captain for Seville Fc. He was a good footballer, a Left Back or an intermediate player. During his career with the club, he guided Seville to five major trophies.

Antonio has experienced a series of heart attacks during an ongoing La Liga encounter versus Getafe, which resulted on 28 August 2007 in his death.

5. Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna was a globally renowned F1 driver and his death is a big loss for the F1. Brazilian F1 racer The 3-time world champion was a sporting superstar and went unexpectedly after his vehicle struck a wall at 135 mph.

Senna had sustained a considerable blood loss and injuries and was subsequently proclaimed dead at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix even after he was taken to hospital and transported into hospital.

6. Davide Astori

Davide Astori was an international italian socderer who was a defender and a captain of his club for Fiorentina FC and Italy. The 31 year old footballer participated in series A over 340 games, representing Italy between 2011 and 2017.

He died on 4 March 2018 just before to the league match between Fiorentina and Udinese. The causes behind his death are not known, however a heart arrest is related to his slumber. Astoria was the legend of the club and a highly known Italian player.

7. Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes was an American Football sportsman. During a 1971 match for Detroit lions, he had a deadly heart attack. When he jogged back to the team huddle, it crumbled in the halfline.

8. Andres Escobar

The Colombian football player Andres Escobar was a goalkeeper who was playing. In Colombian Leagues, he made 230 games and played 51 internationally. His mistake led to one goal at the 1994 FIFA World Cup and Colombia lost the match. This error cost him his life as later he was killed for his error.

9. Kim Duk-Koo

Duk-Koo Kim was a South Korean boxer who turned professional in 1978 who won 17 fights out of the 20 in which he participated. He died in a World Championship boxing match against Ray Mancini on 13 November 1982 when Mancini punched him continuously. He got severely injured and succumbed to his injuries.

10. Phillip Hughes

He made his international test debut in 2009 and his ODI debut in 2013. Phill Hughes was an Australian international cricketer. He was a left-hand opener who played in New South Wales before making his debut in Australia. Hughes was struck by the ball on his neck as he missed his stroke during a match between Southern Australia and New South Wales on the Sydney Cricket Ground, on November 25 2014.

Hughes fainted and eventually succumbed to his injuries, and unfortunately died on 27 November 2014, although he was wearing a helmet. The whole cricketing world was shocked by his death, and condolences flowed from across the globe.

The cricket squad from Australia was the worst impacted team and all games, including the existing game, were stopped.

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