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Full Story: Marriage Gone Sore Between Reigning London Marathon Champion and His Wife

The marriage between reigning London Marathon Champion Amos Kipruto and his wife Janet Chemutai is in trouble. Chemutai claims that her husband Kipruto has taken away her children without her consent and taken to Mercy Koech that the marathon kung-fu has been having fun with all over the social media.

Speaking exclusively to, Chemutai alleged that Kipruto has taken custody three of their children, a twin of two girls of seven years and a last born of 2 years on Thursday 24th last week, which has been a norm for the few months that they have stayed apart with a promise that they will be dropped back on Sunday evening.

With the failed promise, Chemutai started seeking her children whereabouts but only to be met by a letter from Kipruto’s lawyers with instructions of not talking to any third party about the issue since the kids are with their father.

The letter from the law firm KlPKOSGEI CHOGE & CO. ADVOCATES which is in our possession states, “It has been brought to the attention of the said Amos Kipruto that you have lodged a complaint alleging taking of the said Children without your information. This is not true as the Children asked for a visit to their Father.”

“This is therefore to ask you not to be mischievous as the whereabouts of the children is known to you. You need not involve the 3rd Parties,” the letter stated.

According to the estranged wife, Amos stated acting wildly the moment he met his new catch and has stopped supporting the first wife and even when he buys food, he gets the low quality one for the family.

“Amos has completely changed and he has stopped supporting the family, said Chemutai. We had two cows, he came for one and left one. He also took 20 of our chicken and sold them without even uttering a single word,” she said.

Kipruto’s lawyer further stated that, Chemutai is free to see the kids during the specified time. The letter said, “Further that you are free to get in much with your husband for Purposes of visiting the children as and when necessary, save that the times will be between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.”

Chemutai who has been married to Kipruto for eight years, who seemed to be confused and tortured psychologically says all she wants are her kids who are still minors, “My kids are still minor and am not sure why he took them away from me, knowing well that they need their mother who can offer them their genuine love rather than a stranger who is not known to them.”

The 2019 World bronze medallist, moved out of his matrimonial home just before the London Marathon with his new girlfriend Mercy Koech aka young boss whom they share alot plesantries and both appears on her Instagram page young boss ke, where they share their Escapades.

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