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10 Interesting Facts That You Probably Don't Know About Kenya

1. The favourite sport

Kenya is known for variety of sports. It has on of the best rugby teams known internationally. Kenyan athletes are among the bests of the world. The favourite sport however is football and even when you walk in a nightclub at night, you will find football on the screens.

2. The land of no men in Kenya

The umoja village in the northern part of Kenya is known not to have only women. The village started as a refuge for mistreated women who decided to come together to protect themselves. The village has about 50 women most of whom have either been divorced of defiled.

3. Town with no alcohol and cigarette

Ever heard of a town where there is no alcohol being sold and no cigarettes. That sounds like heaven on earth. This is the only town that has managed to maintain standards of integrity for years and was built with strong Christian values. The name of the town is kijabe. The town has been nicknamed the 'citadel of purity'.

4. Did you know that the first African woman to receive a noble peace price is actually a woman from Kenya. Her name is the late professor Wangari Maathai and she opened a window for for women in africa.

5. Did you know that Kenya has the best provision when it comes to wildlife in the world. All the members of the big 5 are found in Africa and that is what makes thousands of tourists to visit the country. Tourism is actually number one foreign exchange earner for the country.

6. You probably don't know these but when it comes to population, Kenya has the world's 31st largest population of almost 52 million.

7. Like other countries, Kenya has volcanic mountains but most of which are not active volcanos. The last volcanic eruption in Kenya happened in the year 1922 and never has it been seen again.

8. Kenya has only two climatic conditions unlike many other nations of the world with more than 4 seasons. Kenya only has the rainy and dry season.

9. In 2015, Kenya became number one as the best tourist destination in the world having the best sceneries and offering the best travel experience to tourists.

10. The world's most rare snake species are found in the Kenyan forests and also strange butterfly species.

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