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8 players who ruined their careers for signing for Manchester United.

Joining big club like Manchester United is not easy.In order for one to shine, you must work hard and produce huge effort. Many clubs sign players with the aim of helping the team win trophy,be stronger against it's competitors , be famous and players to shine even more than before.

Sometimes the club may sigh a player with the aim of performing well but the dream can't come through.

Here are 8 players who ruined their careers for signing Manchester United.

1: Alexis Sanchez.

His career started well in Arsenal.He was among the top players in the premier league during his time in Arsenal.ln Arsenal he scored 80 goals in 166 games and won major trophies with Arsenal.Before joining Arsenal, Sanchez perform well with Barcelona before joining Arsenal.Barcelona recruited him for 36 million dollars to Arsenal.

He join Manchester United in exchange for Mkhitaryan.While in Manchester United,he resulted with 5 goals 9 assists in 45 games.He had little impact to the club.Even in Inter Milan he is very far from the level he was from Arsenal and Barcelona.

2: Shinji Kagawa.

A Japanese used to perform well in Dortmund under Kloop before joining Manchester United.Between 2010 and 2012 he become a star,he was among the best in history of the club.He was approached by Fargarson and sighn him.He didn't perform well as before and later return to Dortmund but this were not the same as before.

3: Bastian Schweinsteiger.

He was happy joining for Manchester United and wanted to win tittles with Manchester United as he did with Bayern Munich.He sighn United when he was 31 years old.His playing style in Manchester United was not the same as in Bayern and he was not famous as before.

4: Phil Jones.

At 21 years of age,he join Manchester United in 2011 for 24 million pounds.He was very promising but time passed and never managed.

5: Bebe.

He sighn for Manchester United at an age of 20 years to replace Cristiano Ronaldo.He had good start but did manage well in Manchester United.He scored 20 goals per year.

6: Anderson.

Was sighn in 2007 with a fee of 36 million.He had a great season with Porto and managed to win a golden boy award in 2008.He won trophies except the FA cup, but he didn't manage in Manchester United.

7: Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Was a Dortmund player and among thebest in Europe.In 2016 he sighn for Manchester United with a fee of 50 million pounds which was the biggest transfer in Bundesliga.He didn't manage to shine as before.

8: Juan Sebastian.

He was Nick name Little Witch.In 2001 he sighn for Manchester United for a fee of 48 million.His game was not adapting to the premier league and had more injuries.He tried in Chelsea but nothing change.

Which player did you dissapoint joining Manchester United.Thanks for your time reading this article.

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