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Know What Happens to your Body When you take a glass of water immediately when you wake up

Water is life, no one can survive on this Earth without water. Most of us do take water, but at different times of the day. Have you ever asked yourself why taking a glass of water immediately after waking up is very healthy? Taking water on the morning on an empty stomach does a lot to your body. Water is required for smooth running of certain crucial functions in the body. Their are several benefits of taking water as soon as you wake up, one of the benefit is that water helps in flashing out harmful toxins in the body. Taking water early in the morning when you wake up can help in getting rid of harmful toxins that were stored in the body overnight. The flashing out of toxins will regulate the bowel activity and also regulate your morning trip to the bathroom.

Taking water early in the morning immediately when you wake up helps in fueling your brain. The human brain is made up of mostly water, water occupies over 70% of the brain. Taking water will help in keeping the brain to function at the optimal level throughout the day. If one becomes dehydrated then the brain will operate on less fuel, and this will bring about fatigue, one feeling drained or mood fluctuations. Taking water early in the morning will also help in promoting healthy body weight loss. Since water removes toxins in the body it helps in improving digestion, by making one to feel full for longer hours. One feeling full for longer hours will prevent him or her from overeating, hence leading to healthy weight loss in the body.

Taking water in the morning can also help in improving metabolism, improving metabolism means one will have a better digestive system. Improved metabolism will make the the calories taken to be broken down faster. Breaking down the calories at a high rate helps in reducing body weight. Taking water in the morning can also enhance complexion and skin radiance since lack of enough water in the body causes wrinkles and deep pores. Water will help in boosting your immune system, hence reducing the risks of diseases in our bodies. The other vital benefit of taking water in the morning is that water promotes health hair. If one lucks sufficient water the roots of his hair becomes dry brittle and rough.

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