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An Overview Of Kenyan Sensations That Gradually Fell Under The Radar Of The National Spotlight

It is not all rossy as you might think it is, it's one career that can be short and a long one experiencing greatness and failure in equal measure. In Kenya there's an immense depth of talent that the nation has produced it's even argued that our talent tank will never run dry.

Although some have lived to many expectations other talents who seemed destined for greatness ultimately their careers were ruined by poor decisions, uncalled for lifestyles, injuries, rouge agents work commitments and so forth.

On the heavier side of things some of character trait that cuts across all these players are: unwise decisions and injuries

Although, you may argue that excessive love of money isn't the root of all evil, but let's try to consider how many footballers in the world have fallen into their own ruins as they allowed money controlled them as opposed to the talent that put them on that stage.

We present to you a list of players who were wasted or they did it by themselves destroying their natural ability and threw their football career away. But as fate would have it Some have got the time to redeem themselves as probably it's just a case of the drop of top form and they've fallen under the radar of the national spotlight.

1.lucas indeche

2.Dennis Sikhayi

3.Omar Mbongi

4.Mike Kibwage

5.Pascal Ongweno.

6.Duncan Otieno

7.Ovella Ochieng

8.Wyvone Isuza

9.Muingai Kiongera

10.John Softie Ndirangu

11. Patrick Oboya

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