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Facts Of The Markings On The Football Pitch

Have you ever asked yourself why the football pitch has the markings like a big circle on the center, and a rectangular marking around the pitch? Well here is what you should know about these markings.

1.The Biggest Box.

This is the long edge of a rectangular field edge called the touchline. This edge limits the players from playing outside this edge. If the ball passes over this touchline, the player throws in the ball to put it back in play. 

2.The short edges of the rectangle.

They are usually called the goal lines and if the ball passes over a goal line and the last touch was by a defensive player, an offensive player performs a corner kick from the area within a corner arc to inbound the ball. If the last touch was by an offensive player, the goalkeeper performs a goal kick to inbound the ball.

3.Edges round the Goal.

These edges are called penalty box, a large rectangle, lies in front of each goal. Its forward edge is 18 yards away from the goal line and within each penalty box is a smaller rectangular box that extends 6 yards out from the goal line. This is the goal area, and a goalkeeper must place the ball somewhere within it to perform a goal kick.

4.The Penalty Mark and Arc.

It is used when a team on the defense performs a foul within its own penalty box and the referee awards a penalty kick. Penalty kick marks are 12 yards from the goal line and in the middle of the field. In the event of a penalty kick, a player will shoot from here. Other players must wait outside the penalty arc, a small arc at the forward edge of the penalty box. The penalty arc helps referees ensure no players other than the kicker are closer than 10 yards to the ball.

5.The big Center Circle.

At the start of a game, one of the teams kicks off. Both teams must stay on their respective sides of the midfield line. The center circle, which has a radius of 10 yards, delineates the area that the team without the ball must not enter until a player first touches the ball.

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