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Why Does Footballers Wear Headphones Minutes Before The Match (Opinion)

Headphones come in different size, form and designs thus requiring different techniques to wear for a perfect fit. They have large cups that encompasses the ears fully and provide a reliable seal around them. Headphones should never be turned up pass 60% the maximum volume, nor should they be listened to for more than 60 minutes a day.

Football players wear thick noise-conceling headphones before games to avoid any disturbance or distraction before a game. Players usually have 1-2 hours before the match to get ready psychologically and may choose to listen music. They wear them while walking into stadium, does their pregame warmups and even afterwards as they get ready to leave the stadium.

It comfort and allow players to get in the right position before a big game mentally. Due to immense amount of pressure from fans and teammates, they choose to stay focused and calm down in order to get in the right mindset they will need to do their jobs on the field. It also help to avoid disturbances around them like press interviews and rudy fans.

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Article written and published by Millionaire Hustler from Kapkimolwa, Bomet county.

Content created and supplied by: KipkorirEnockYator (via Opera News )


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