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"Unajua hii" Amazing Facts About Cabbage.

A lot of people across the globe take cabbage as of less importance in our bodies.

Cabbage is a green, red or white biennial plant that thrives well in a well distributed water. It's a cool season crop which requires an optimum growth temperature range of 15- 20°c .

Surprisingly ,it has the following amazing and impressive facts .

Cabbage promotes beauty

How? Cabbage contain high sulfur content that is good for growth of good skin ,nails and long healthier hair.

The sulfur content translates to keratin production.

Helps in digestive system

Cabbage is said to contain gut - friendly insoluble fibre that keeps the digestive system healthy by adding bulk to stool and promoting regular bowel movement.

Is a excellent source of vitamin k

Vitamin k plays a key role in our body and it's divide into two main groups

1. Vitamin k1

2. Vitamin k2

Vitamin k1 is also know as Phylloquinone which is mostly found in primary plants.

Vitamin k2 is also know as Menaquinone which is found in animals.

Vitamin k play key roles in bone metabolism and prevent blood clotting.

It has high concentration of vitamin c

vitamin c is also know as ascorbic acid. This acid aids to protect the body from damage brought by free radicals which are been associated with chronic disease.

It also helps in collagen formation which gives flexibility and structure to the skin. It's evident that it plays a critical functioning of bones , blood vessels and muscles.

Is a headache reliever.

How ? Cabbage contain lactic acid that play a key role in reducing your stress and giving you relief from headache.

Finally it prevents skin disease by cutting out toxins in your body.

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Cabbage Unajua


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