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4 points on offside rules that you need to know this new season (VAR)

It has been stated that over 120 occurrences during the 2021/22 season were directly affected by the deployment of VAR, averaging 0.32 per game. Therefore, here are a few things that football fans should be aware of.

1. The Offside Regulations

The rules of football indicate that a player is offside if the ball is played forward to them in the half of the other team and there is no opposition player between them and the ball.

a goalie of the opposite team during this sequence of play.

Being in an offside position is not an offense in and of itself; once a player in an offside position plays or attempts to play the ball, they are considered actively involved in play, at which point they commit an offense.

A player is also considered offside if the ball is played to them from their own half while they are standing in the opposing half at the time of the pass.

Offside on a football field is an offense, but there is no punishment for individual players who are caught.

A player will be cautioned, but the sole consequence is that your opponent will receive a free kick in their own half of the field to continue play.

2. The Offside Position

A player is in an offside position if any portion of his head, torso, or feet are in the opponent's half, excluding the halfway line, and he has not crossed the halfway line. Any part of the head, body, or feet is closer to the goal line of the opponent than the ball and the second-to-last opponent.

3. The Onside Position Onside

in football is not punished, which means if you are in an onside position, you are in the correct position to play.

The bale was upright.

Despite protests from Leganés, the Welshman capitalized on a rebound and beat Cuéllar with an acrobatic finish from the edge of the six-yard box.

4.Opponent Positioned Behind the Goalkeeper

Is it illegal for a player to be behind the goalkeeper? If the goalkeeper is the second-to-last defender and you are behind him, you are offside. Nevertheless, if there are two players behind the goalkeeper, you are only offside if you are in front of the second-to-last opponent.

Karim Benzema scored a goal in the Champions League final that was disallowed for offside, giving Real Madrid the lead. There was a mix-up since the ball did not come directly from a teammate but rather from Fabinho of Liverpool after rebounding off his leg. Nonetheless, the referee ruled the conduct to be illegal.

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