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8 Most Expensive Body Parts Insured

Mariah Carey’s legs

She is one of the most talented singers with a beautiful voice; however she decided to insure her legs for 1 billion dollar making them the most valuable body parts on her body. There had been new that she had also insured her pins for 1 billion dollar 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs

This makes sense, one if the things that made Cristiano who he is today are his legs. He uses them to played football which has earned him fame and money. David Beckham's legs are believed to be worthier than those of Cristiano Ronaldo’s; Ronaldo insured them for 120 million dollars

David Beckham

Just like Ronaldo, David Beckham also insured his legs. These two players career depends on their legs and if they got injuries then they would be off for some time or the career would end. Anything can happen in the pitch that is why Beckham decided to insure his legs for 195 million dollars just to prepare for his future

Julia Roberts smile

Another popular thing ever insured is the cute smile of Julia Roberts that somehow contributed to her fame. Her smile is beautiful and unique that it is easily noticed even when she is in a crowd of people. She insured her smile to 30 million dollars so if anything happens she does not need to worry

Daniel Craig’s body

He is an actor who became very famous for playing the role of James bond. Women around the world love him especially due to his physique and tiny little blue eye. Due to this, he decided to keep his body insured for 9.5 million dollars

Rihanna’s legs

She is also a very famous singer and an actress too, although she has kept quiet about this, her legs are reportedly worth 1 million dollars, she made decision after winning Gillette’s Venus Breeze Celebrity Legs of a goddess award in 2007. To make sure that everything would be okay if anything happened to her legs, she insured them

Kim kardashian

We all know what this super model and a socialite would insure. She values her posterior at 21 million dollars, apart from this; she also spends 5 thousand dollars  to hire a tailor who will make her clothes fit her perfectly.

Mariah Carey's voice

It is believed that in 2016 the superstar insured her voice for a hefty 30 million dollars in case it got damages during a world tour. Her voice makes her one of the most versatile artists in the world and her decisions totally make sense

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