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Revealed Why Item Produces Most Successfuly Sports Men And Women

Kenyans is a country known to be having good athletes, who have been dominating in long distance races and Marathons, like David Rudisha, Ezekiel Kemboi and Eliud Kipchoge

Most of the marathon record holders and long race record holders come from Iten or train at Iten.

Here's the reason why these spots men and women from these area does well in their sports.

1 The area has relatively lower concentration of oxygen compared to other low altitude regions.

Because of these reason their bodies adapt by producing more red blood cells which helps in transporting more oxygen, hence they tend to have advantage over their competitors.

2. They are slender and have longer feet. The longer feet have an energy-saving effect, as they efficiently require fewer strides than their opponents to complete a race. At the same time they their body is light as they run.

3. They feed on food that is extremely low on fat, with few preservatives and processed oil, like Ugali, green vegetables and white meat, these saves them the risk of adding unnecessary weight.

4. Winning Culture

Children from these area see their own doing well in sports and so they have that mentally and motivation that they must win.

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