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10 Uniqueness about Slim Tall Dark Ladies Every Man Is Dying For

We both agree that black is sweet and sweeter than the rest.Most slim,tall dark ladies are currently hot cake, since every man is dying to date such a lady before 2020 ends.I

Infact there are 10 most unique elements about them as compared to the other class of ladies.

Let me highlight for you those 10 uniqueness about slim tall dark ladies.

Number 7 will amaze you as number 8 'kills' you in laughter. Read.

1.They are the best cooks. No one(both male and female) would hesitate from eating food prepared,cooked and served by them. They know how to do it.

2.They are very prayerful. Every man wants to date and marry a woman who will always pray for him and his children for God's protection and blessings. Infact not a single day ends without them kneeling down for prayers.

3.They got the best reception. Slim tall ladies always receive visitors at home in a very humble way not matter their differences. If there's food, they will generously serve you.

4.Their children are most disciplined, both in school and within the community at large. Only God knows why.

5.Most of them (about 80%)don't involve themselves in crime related activities. They fear breaking marriage laws and Govt laws. Indeed they are blessed.

6.They have passed the test of being very understanding, they solve their differences in a very sober manner. Most of them are magistrates.

7.They are very sweet, both in bed and in real life. Once you date a slim tall dark lady and later marry other classes of ladies, you will live to cheat your wife with this slim tall dark ladies. I have never understood the logic behind this actually.

8.They truly know how to serve the 'honey' from their pots. You've never eaten sweet fresh honey if you've never served from such a lady my friend.

9.They are very romantic and always updated on all possible romance tactics to entice their gentlemen. They got good game.

10.They always have that trophy for being the most faithful both in relationships and in marriages. It's a virtue most ladies don't value.

Have you ever dated a slim tall dark lady?

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