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FIFA World Cup

How Expensive Do You Think The FIFA World Cup Is?

As most countries work so hard to enter into the world's history as winners of the World Cup, it is also great to know what exactly these states are working for.

The FIFA World Cup Trophy which is one of the most expensive trophies is said to be made of 18-carat gold. This is as a result of the 4,927 grams of pure gold plus Semi -precious malachite. In Perfect estimation, this is about 75 percent gold. Its weight is 13.54 pounds and is 14.5 inches tall and 12.5cm wide.

Gold alone of that size can be as heavy as 70kg therefore making it hard for the players to lift and dance with it as they normally do. This comes to our conclusion that the trophy is hollow and not solid gold. However, it is still the most costly cup having an approximate of US$ 161000 as of 2018.

Even though the winners of the cup don't really go home with the actual trophy, they are greatly awarded with bronze, silver and a gold -plated replica trophies. Apart from that, the country gets to enjoy privileges such as an improved positive reputation and honor to the country.

Top thirty two out of the forty eight teams that compete are given around $400 million as prize money to share. Most of this money goes to the team's organisation where it can be used to improved their training facilities and also as a bonus to the players.

In conclusion, you see that it's actually worth it for a team to be part of the World Cup's list.

So, How Much Do You Think The 2022 World Cup Trophy Is Going To Cost?

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