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Tough Decisive Steps Ghost Mulee Must Make Ahead Of Egypt And Togo Qualifiers

Kenya will be facing one of the hardest task in the upcoming days as they would be out to try to come up with close to impossible results; Qualifying for the AFCON Championship.

Though there is nothing impossible in football and it's a game of ninety minutes the sport has witnessed the unrealistic happening and some may say that our hope is too far fetched, but we do have the chances to turn the table.

For our dear stars, we blew our chances for a likely qualification without a struggle. The Egypt draw came as as a surprise and a very essential point to build up in the upcoming fixtures, little did we knew that we'd snatched a point from the so called underdogs in the group.

Another thing that still remains questionable is the unreasonable sacking of Kimanzi, he was relatively doing well thus him being dropped it paved way for the legandary Ghost Mulee for whom is charged with the task of writing off the impossible.

This is my take, we already lost it. The poor performances were self inflicted what's remaining bus that we should use the remaining qualifiers to gauge our players in preparation for the coveted stages in football.

We have immense quality at home in our talent tanks, a depth that can put on desirable results that we are always craving for. Though not taking anything from the quality that's foreign based, it's time we start cultivating a culture of trusting what we breed.

A good number of nations form the south of Africa team sheets are dominted by home based players, Yes some may bring out the question about the quality of their leages compared to what we have here in the 254,but must we wait to reach those levels so that we can start inculcating the young sensations into out team?

The South Sudan friendly game brought in some new faces in the team. Honestly it was a descent performance, sonia there any harmnif we build up from there? If our clubs can't market our players abroad let's use our team to show the so called football heavyweights what we are made of.

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