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"Tired Of Romours And Fake News " Belgian Tactician Sends A Message To Kenyan Football Fans

Ahead of the new season there has been alot of uncertainty hoovering in several clubs, some experiencing an exodus there have never been treated to before while others are on the edge of their financial downfall.

so imagine there is club that's going through the two at the moment, if we think that's enough the season kicks of on Sunday and as always the less prepared shouldn't expect mercy.

This season allegedly the iskuti beats are growing weary and weary by the day, the question that keeps lingering on their diehards is, will the Leopard be brave enough to get out of its freezing den?

The team has lost a couple of its best players that played an essential role some being the pillars that haven't allowed the roof to cave in.

With the exodus of Robinson Kamura, Elvis Rupia, Hansel Ochieng, Benjamin Ochan, Harrison Mwendwa plus other looming exits the team has been left spineless without substantial replacements ahead of tough fixtures against Tusker KCB Bandari as the league openers.

Despite AFC leopards going through all this atleast there has been some positive news coming from their management. There was romours circulating about the absence of their Belgium tactician who was romoured to have gone 'AWOL' in the name of attending to family issues.

The tactician has come infront to assure ingwe fans that he's going nowhere as he's committed to the task and he's the right man to rejuvenate AFC leopards back to it's glory decades a thing that seems to be fading away because for a while Leopards fans have even forgot how winning feels like.

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