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Why A Player Is Given A Red Or Yellow Card When He Removes His Shirt After Scoring A Goal

Football is one of the most loved games in the world. When a player scores a goal, he can celebrate in different ways. Scoring a goal is a wonderful thing and it elicits strong emotions in the player.

I guess most of us if not all are aware that a player is not supposed to remove his Jessie while celebrating. This is an offense and it is usually rewarded with either a yellow or red card depending on the decision of the referee. Have you ever known why this is so?

The first reason why this is not accepted is because removing the shirt can be a sign of sending a direct message to the fans a thing that might provoke violence. If the victim player had received a yellow card initially, he can be awarded a red card.

The second reason why a card may be awarded to the player is because removing a shirt while the game is on interferes with the process of officiating the game. When a player removes his Jessie, he hides his identify and this makes it hard for those officiating the game to take his details.

The red or yellow card serves as a form of punishment for the player for interfering with the match. I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Like, share and follow the page for more articles daily.

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