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Fred Arocho Talks About Match Fixing Reveals Loopholes That Make It Hard To Charge Culprits In Kenya

Journalist Fred Arocho has talked of match fixing today and also aired his voice on the vice. Arocho says that there are loophole's that make it hard to charge perpetrators of the vice in the country. Fred sats that the lack of legislation in Kenya is one of the reasons for that. He does a comparison with other countries where there are strong laws on the measures to take in case one is found practicing match fixing.

Arocho says that in Kenya, even if a player of a team is accused of match fixing, they will only be shamed in the public domain but will not be taken anywhere since there is no clause in the constitution or legislation passed in the assembly that spells out steps to be taken in case one is found.

He laments that taking a perpetrator of match fixing to court is like a waste of time because the case will be dead on arrival. He also criticizes the footballing industry where top teams in the KPL go ahead and sign player's accused of match fixing from the lower team's, i.e like in the case of Zoo Kericho. Arocho spells doom for Kenyan soccer in the international scene in case something is not done.

Arocho spoke on Citizen's "Sporty Monday Show"

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