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Find Out The Amazing Reasons Why Kenyans Do Well In Marathon And Athletics In General

Kenyans do well mostly in long-distance races.They have a long history of dominating marathon events.Kenyans have clinched to the top spot for years now.

Out of the four world record holders in long distance running,three are Kenyans namely;Eliud Kipchoge,Dennis Kimetto and Emmanuel Mutai.

To their advantage having skinny legs help them in terms of endurance.On average a Kenyan's leg is 400g lighter than their competitors which translates to an energy saving of 8% when running.This comes as a genetic advantage to Kenyans.

Secondly,Kenyans are really self driven with motivation and hardwork.Nothing actually comes for free you need to struggle to achieve what you want in life.Mostly athletes are driven by the situation at home or in the country at large just to lift the poverty that has engulfed them.One's environment can impact the performance you put in along side the amount of hard work in training one puts in.

High attitude environment is an advantage to Kenyan marathon runners.Kenya is a mountainous country with the Great Rift Valley running through it from North to South.Therefore they get to experience high-altitude training daily lending them to well running.

At higher altitudes the oxygen is scarce and the air is thin thus increasing ref-blood cells in human body.Kenyan athletes have more powerful lungs and are more used to anaerobic respiration than their competitors from other parts of the world.

Below is a picture of the current world record holder Eliud Kipchoge;

Here is a picture of Eliud Kipchoge after breaking the world record in Berlin;

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