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The World Five Most Beautiful And Most Expensive Gemstones In the World

The five most expensive gemstones

Blue Diamond=$3.93 million

Jadeite=$3 Million

Diamond=$1.19 million

Red Diamond=$ 1milion

Emerald=$ 305000

What are gemstones

Gemstone are minerals that occur in nature and are precious for their beauty and ratity, and since they are hardy enough to survive every day wear on jewelry and other object. Most familiar gems are, Diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and opal,light reflects and refracts changes direction to show the intense colors of ruby and emerald, and the fire of(diamonds ).Color, fire and roster"shine"are usually revealed by polishing and cutting skills.Gems are weighed by use of carat


The most commonly use variety of gems are aquamarine and emerald they have been commonly used for centuries,beautiful hexagonal beryl crystal may be found in pegmatites and schists in Brazil,Russia etc.


Diamond is named from the Greek word (adamas) which meant "unconquerable ".Diamonds is hardest of all know mineral it famous for its lasting fiery brilliance. The gem quality of diamonds is measured by it's color, clarity,the quality of its cut , and it's carats weight" the four C's"Kimberlite is their main source.


The beauty of ruby and supphire lies in the richness and intensity of their colors .This two belongs to the variety of minerals corundum , which appears colorless when pure. Small quantities of chromium give rise to the red color in ruby, while iron and titanium are the reason why Sapphire have blue, yellow and green colors .Edwardes ruby ls one of most exceptional quality weighing up to 162 carats. They are commonly found in Australia, Burma,Thailand and Central Africa.


The name opal may have been derived from the Sanskrit word "Upala" which meant precious "stone" This precious gems is mainly found in Australia but in the old days places like India and Czechoslovakia were the main supplier.

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Blue Diamond$3.93 Diamond Emerald$ Jadeite$3


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