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After A Mugumo Tree Fell In Kiambu, Here Is What The Elders Have Finally Concluded

Roughly a week ago, a Mugumo tree fell in Muthure village, Kiambu county. This has raised utmost reaction among the Mount Kenya region who have lived to treasure the species which is religious. The tree has been linked with the manifestation of God, as it was a tradition worship place for the bantus.

The falling of the 40 years old tree has lead to utmost reaction, pushing for the elders in the region to come up with an answer after people said that it signified a bad thing set to happen. The Kikuyu elders have dispelled the fears, revealing that the tree was old and hence, God harvested it.

Speaking during an invent in establishing the cause of the tree, the elders told Inooro tv that it was God who was harvesting the old tree for a new one and no fears should be cast. According to Nyamu wa Njoka, an Elder, he revealed that they had been trying their best in coming up with a concrete answers, where after manifestation they realised that nothing bad is set to take place.

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